A tiny web studio specializing in designing & building Rails applications.

Jeremy Smith has been designing and building web applications since 1998 and has worked with Ruby on Rails since 2009. He aims to build long-term relationships with clients who are making the world a better place.



Greenfield & Prototype

If you are looking to build a new application, or need to prototype a product concept, Ruby on Rails is a one of the best frameworks for rapid application development. Jeremy can help you design and build the first version of your app.


Team Augmentation

Do you already have a development team, but need more capacity for a set time period, or without hiring someone full-time? Jeremy can join your existing team and integrate with current development processes to help increase your overall throughput.


Maintenance Mode

Some apps reach a stage where they don’t warrant many new features, but still need to some regular attention. Jeremy can provide ongoing care, covering bug fixes, dependency upgrades, and occasional feature development.


Rails Rescue

App emergencies can stem from security vulnerabilities, performance problems, and increasing code complexity that grinds development to a halt. Jeremy can help diagnose and solve security and performance issues, and help break through code complexity to unblock new development.

Clients & Projects

Transcript Maker
Church Initiative


Jeremy is currently booked until mid-2023, but always happy to chat.

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